There are three issues to learn about climbing the Mountain. First, it’s by no means crowded on the highest of the Mountain. Second, it is extremely troublesome to climb the Mountain, which is why it’s by no means crowded. Third, there may be, as Saints and Mystics inform us, a secret doorway on the prime of the Mountain resulting in a secret passageway to the inside worlds, His World. If we are able to climb the Mountain, we have now the chance to knock at that secret door and achieve entrance to His Divine Actuality. That’s the promise of non secular scripture.

Christ talks about this Mountain on a regular basis, as do all Saints and Mystics. As we all know from Biblical reference, Jesus ‘ascended the mountain’ a number of instances a day. Clearly, this might not have been a bodily mountain as a result of he would have needed to spend the entire of his time going to, up, down and again from the mountain. He would not have had the time to do anything. Too, he would have been bodily exhausted! Simply think about the duty in strolling to a mountain, climbing up the factor, staying there some time, strolling again down the mountain after which persevering with to stroll again dwelling thrice a day or extra! It is logically impractical and is unnecessary.

Thus, we are able to conclude the mountain Christ ascended was not a bodily mountain however a non secular mountain, the Mountain of Divine Consciousness which one ascends by focus on the Phrase of God. As Christ stated, “the dominion of God is inside you” (St. Luke 17:21). Rising ‘in’ to be with Him – that is Climbing the Mountain.

Returning to our first assertion, it is by no means crowded on the Mountain. Why? As a result of most individuals are happy with dwelling on the Valley Flooring under on the base of the Mountain. The Mountain is there, at all times there, however few are they that problem it. The Valley Flooring is acquainted, snug, safe, full of individuals, issues, actions, delights – you title it, it is there. It is also snug to be with numerous different individuals. Too, it’s hotter and extra inviting on the Valley Flooring, and… the trouble of the climb up the Mountain merely includes an excessive amount of stress, hardship and discomfort for comfort-driven souls.

The Mountain is extreme. It is steep, slick, chilly, uninviting, unfamiliar. Simply its overwhelming austere presence is sufficient to frighten most individuals away. It takes quite a lot of braveness to even consider climbing the Mountain, to not point out the power and time concerned in its ascent. Moreover, those that efficiently climb it surprisingly by no means come again, which frightens a lot of the Valley Flooring residents. Why go to all that hassle and endure the hardship of a harmful and troublesome climb and by no means be heard from once more? Why go away one’s associates, attachments, actions, comforts, securities and familiarities of the Valley Flooring anyway? Would not make a lot sense, proper?

Properly, the rationale just a few individuals go away the consolation and safety of the Valley Flooring and make the arduous journey up the Mountain is as a result of they’ve heard the rumors of the key doorway resulting in the key passageway, resulting in the Internal Worlds, resulting in everlasting freedom for the soul from the binding and incarcerating atmosphere of the Valley Flooring under inclusive of its so referred to as comforts and securities. There’s a non secular thriller in regards to the Mountain which spiritually ‘touched’ souls can not resist. Though few in quantity, they’re those who climb. They’re those who danger. They’re those who go away the consolation, safety and familiarity of the Valley Flooring under to pursue a non secular fascination. They’re those who wrestle, endure untold privations and hardships and… they’re those who reach attending to the highest of the Mountain and coming into the key door resulting in the key passageway resulting in their final non secular freedom and soul liberation from the confines of this dimension.


Why does an individual climb the Mountain? As a result of he feels a pull from It, an irresistible, compelling drive – a magical, mystical, mysterious, marvelous magnetism that retains drawing, ever drawing, his consideration inward, upward, onward. More often than not the pull is inexplicable. It’s actually invisible. It is simply there, at all times there, tugging on the heartstrings of the soul, the conscience, the consciousness. If one tries to drag away, the drive pulls tougher in return, at all times redirecting the main target of the eye to the Mountain, to its austerity, to its overpowering and all-powerful majesty and thriller. Helpless is the soul to keep away from it. Helpless is the soul to clarify it. Helpless is the soul to battle it. Helpless is the soul, helpless, and so it appears to be like on the mountain with awe and longing, even concern and apprehension, however, nonetheless, it begins to climb, to ascend, to flee, to be free from the jail that’s the Valley Flooring under.

The soul begins its journey, its climb, irresistibly and helplessly, unknowing of what lies forward. Nevertheless it does not care. The compulsion is nearly an madness in itself. It’s as if the soul have been injected with some numinous nepenthe, a non secular potion inducing the soul to overlook and let go of its life on the Valley Flooring and climb, climb into some unknown territory, some uncharted floor, holy floor, that can fulfill its everlasting eager for everlasting peace.

The soul quickly learns that it is a solo climb. No holding palms right here until it’s the Hand of God. No touring buddies. No companions. No companions. The soul goes alone, ever pulled by the candy magnetism of the mellifluous melodies inside. Up it goes, step after step, falling, stumbling, sliding again somewhat however regaining its stability and composure and urgent on. It’s a snail’s tempo this climb. But, with each micro inch of elevation gained, an entire new actuality is gained, an entire new panorama, an entire new consciousness.

“If that is what’s gained solely after a tiny distance,” asks the soul, “what’s going to I expertise if I climb some extra?” And so the soul pushes on, ever on. It’s hooked on the climb as a result of the climb brings heretofore unknown perceptions and understandings it didn’t nor may have possessed whereas dwelling on the Valley Flooring under as a result of it simply wasn’t excessive sufficient to see. Its imaginative and prescient was restricted, extraordinarily restricted, as solely its present expertise can confirm. In truth, the soul learns that, for all intents and functions, it was, certainly, blind whereas dwelling on the Valley Flooring. It solely is aware of this as a result of now, due to its climb, due to its acquired elevation, it sees and sees clearly every part under it. Nevertheless it does not see all as a result of it has not ascended to the highest of the Mountain, but it surely needs to see so it presses on… and on… and on – one other step, one other stumble, one other slip, one other slide however, but, one other reconviction to remain robust and press on.


It’s not lengthy into the journey up the Mountain that the soul learns it is a sacrificial climb. In different phrases, there are sacrifices, main sacrifices, to be made and sustained if one is to achieve success within the ascent and attain the highest of the Mountain, attain the key door resulting in the key passageway, resulting in the Internal Worlds. The soul learns that simply as the best present exacts the best worth, so the best accomplishment exacts the best sacrifice.

Sacrifice means to give up, to surrender, to forego, to disclaim. By its very nature sacrifice, due to this fact, includes loss, however loss in trade for one thing else. What’s that loss? What’s that ‘one thing else’? For the spiritually pushed soul, the loss is life throughout the Valley Flooring. The ‘one thing else’ is everlasting life inside His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God.

Ravidas, a Saint of the 15th/16th Centuries exclaimed, “Let not my love for the Lord ever lower.Dearly have I purchased it in trade for my life.”

He understood, and understood exceedingly properly, the price of climbing the Mountain. He gave up his life to hunt His Life. He sacrificed his worldly life to realize everlasting life with the Lord. That is the good accomplishment. However this accomplishment additionally, due to this fact, calls for the best worth and, on this case, it’s the releasing, the sacrificing of 1’s worldly attachment.

Ravidas additionally said: “For myriads of births have I been separated from Thee, O Lord. This beginning is devoted to Thee.”

Right here Ravidas references the Regulation of Transmigration involving the reincarnation of his soul in a myriad of births through which he led his life in each which means however that of the Lord. Nonetheless, in his sojourn as a wandering soul by numerous lives, Ravidas lastly got here to know there isn’t any higher achievement than to dwell for the Lord, to climb the Mountain and Merge in Him, which is why he made the above assertion of dedicating his life to God.

Each Mountain Climber should do the identical factor – dedicate his life to the Lord. It’s the solely means up the Mountain as a result of, in actuality, the Lord is the Mountain. Does this imply one has to show his again on the world? Properly, sure. Once we climb up a mountain, any mountain, just isn’t our again turned towards the valley flooring under? Is just not our focus directed ahead to every step within the climb? To go ahead means we glance ahead and climb ahead.If we have been to look again, we’d most positively fall as a result of we’d not be capable of see every foothold, each handhold, and we might, eventually, lose our step, our grip and fall.

Nonetheless, does climbing the Mountain imply we flip our again on our worldly duties and obligations? Completely not. Simply the alternative. To climb the Mountain we don’t run away to a mountain and change into a recluse. The magical and marvelous actuality in regards to the Climb is that the Mountain is inside us; the Climb, due to this fact, is inside us. We keep proper the place we’re. The Mountain Climb is a climb in consciousness. It’s not a bodily climb. Due to this fact, we climb by purifying our consciousness whereas discharging our duties and obligations on this planet to household, associates and occupation.

Moreover, this discharging of our worldly duties and obligations just isn’t sterile. It’s an ever rising course of which includes ever-increasing ranges of being extraordinarily loving, form, heat, compassionate and heartfelt. The Climb, as a result of it takes us ‘larger’, offers us larger values, larger rules, larger ranges of understanding of life, love and lightweight, all of which have an effect on the best way and method through which we cope with the individuals, obligations and occasions in our private lives.


When the soul first feels the pangs of the pull from the Mountain, there may be typically the opportunity of a mis-read and a subsequent mis-focus of the power. The Mountain is pure spirit and, due to this fact, after we really feel it, we additionally need to specific that pure spirit. The mis-read is that we expect we have now to alter the individuals, situations and circumstances within the Valley Flooring and that, one way or the other, if we are able to make it pure and good, all will likely be good, we will likely be good and pleased. The Valley Flooring will then be an exquisite place through which to dwell and we might have constructed a paradise on earth.

Nonetheless, that isn’t the aim of the pull. The pull is designed to drag every of us to a better non secular degree individually, not collectively, nor change the atmosphere of the Valley Flooring. In spite of everything, each mountain wants its valley flooring, has a valley flooring. It is a part of the divine design of creation. With out the valley flooring, the mountain couldn’t exist.

Moreover, mystics inform us that the Valley Flooring (the world) will at all times be the Valley Flooring. It is going to by no means be paradise. That is exactly why mystics come to the Valley Flooring – to take souls up the Mountain, to information them House to Paradise.

If God needed to alter the Valley Flooring or the situations inside it, or its inhabitants, He may achieve this in a nano flash. That is all God’s creation and He does with it as He pleases. He’s, in any case, all-powerful. Each soul belongs to him and He takes care of every soul as He thinks finest.

The Valley Flooring just isn’t presupposed to be modified as a result of it’s a proving floor for the soul, a furnace by which the soul is purified and cleansed earlier than it makes its ascent. Not all souls ascend the Mountain on the identical time. In the event that they did, there could be no Valley Flooring and this creation couldn’t exist.

Due to this fact, when every of us feels the pull, our job is to not direct the power outward in an try to alter the Valley Flooring however to direct our consideration inward the place the ascent happens, i.e., inside ourselves. Sarcastically, if we alter for the constructive, then the atmosphere of the Valley Flooring may also change for the constructive to the diploma of 1 soul higher.

In addition to, in consideration of adjusting the Valley Flooring, how troublesome a job is it? How onerous is it to alter ourselves, not to mention change others or your complete Valley Flooring? It is at all times simpler to attempt to change others as a result of it directs the main target of our cleaning and purification away from us and, in fact, none of us wants cleaning, proper?

Thus, if we mis-read the power pull of the Mountain, we’ll naturally mis-focus, mis-direct our consideration which should not be on others or the opposite world of the Valley Flooring, however on us, in us. The climb is a solo climb keep in mind, and though it could be our time to climb, it will not be another person’s time to climb. Due to this fact, allow us to not mis-read the pull lest we mis-direct our focus which is to stand up the Mountain for ourselves. A mis-read and a subsequent mis-focus will solely thwart our progress and supreme success. Once we lastly make it up the Mountain, when we have now the expertise of attending to the highest and discovering what waits for us there, then we are able to share with others what we have found, if they’re amenable to listening.


Once we do start our ascent of the Mountain, will there be stress within the climb? You wager! Tons of it! Do not be deceived. Count on it. Climbing isn’t a straightforward expertise, particularly over personally uncharted floor. Simply as climbing a bodily mountain is strenuous, so is climbing the non secular Mountain.

Once we ascend any mountain, we’re at all times working towards the pull of gravity which weights us down and forces us to work to climb larger. It is exhausting. Once we climb the non secular Mountain, we should work towards the pull of the mass consciousness and its pure gravity. With each step we take, we’ll really feel the downward pull. Thus, we should battle and work onerous to ascend.

As we climb the Mountain, we should cope with the load we stock on our personal backs, the karmic load we have accrued all through our existence on the Valley Flooring. We may have points with our personal emotions, attitudes and beliefs. Attachments and needs of and presumably for the Valley Flooring under could also be considerations inhibiting our personal focus as we climb. Reminiscences of nice instances under might crop up because the stress of the climb manifests itself in higher levels. This may increasingly, likewise, are likely to have an effect on us negatively.

Nonetheless, if we’re meant to climb, we’ll. The upward pull will likely be stronger than its downward counterpart and we’ll climb. The upper we climb, the extra indifferent will the Valley Flooring change into till, due to our personal top within the ascent, it’s just about invisible under. It is rather like being in an airplane. When it is on the bottom, we are able to see every part on the bottom. Nonetheless, when it’s in a better altitude, individuals, actions and objects on the Valley Flooring under change into just about non-existent to the attention. So it’s with the non secular ascent. Once we get excessive sufficient, we’ll change into oblivious of that which is under and will probably be of no concern. Out of sight, out of thoughts.

It is going to, in fact, take effort and time earlier than we attain such a stage. Till we get there, we should endure the stress of the climb. It’s a pure facet of ascent, nevertheless disagreeable; but it surely should be endured. As muscular tissues develop underneath the stress of bodily weight coaching, so our non secular muscular tissues develop underneath the stress of non secular coaching. As they change into stronger, so can we and we press ahead with higher ease, ability and luxury.

Due to this fact, the message concerning the stress of the climb is that we should embrace it, settle for it. It’s a pure a part of the method of ascent and it’ll not go away. We simply must be disciplined and centered in our work, the work of climbing, of ascending, not descending.


There may be an enigma in climbing the Mountain and it’s this: we have now to climb it whereas residing throughout the Valley Flooring. The climb, as we have now stated, is certainly one of consciousness, not physicality. Due to this fact, we have now to continuously be purifying our consciousness as we bodily dwell and exist within the Valley Flooring. On the skin, our bodily look might not change. Nonetheless, on the within, appearances and realities will change drastically.

Climbing the Mountain creates an entire new actuality which additionally adjustments with every step up the Mountain we make. Thus, our perceptions of the Valley Flooring, its inhabitants, actions, atmosphere, situations, objective, and many others. and many others. may also change – from the within out. As our perceptions change, so will our understanding of life and its concomitant targets, drives and needs.

This enigma is why mystics inform us to dwell within the Valley Flooring however to not change into part of it. In truth, the admonition is: simply dwell in it however get out of it! This would possibly not make a lot sense till we begin climbing, after which it would make complete sense… to us however to not others. In an effort to perceive what it is prefer to be on the Mountain, one has to climb it. There may be simply no different approach to perceive. Expertise is the most effective instructor, and after we get on the Mountain and concerned with its ascent, we’ll then know what the Mountain holds and what the Mountain is; why it’s troublesome to overcome the Mountain and why, unmistakably why, it’s such a essential necessity that we achieve this and do it now… whereas we nonetheless have the possibility!

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